Thought of the Day:

Man’s Lower Nature


My Child, unless You learn to control your feelings, You will always find it hard to obey those who have authority over you. Your feelings do not reason. They simply turn away from what is unpleasant, be it right or wrong. Feelings can be calmed in some degree by an intelligent outlook. Still, you will never have a more troublesome and dangerous enemy than your own unreasoning feelings and blind desires.

By Prayer and meditation you will acquire a grander outlook on life. You will see the unreasonableness and mean selfishness of your feelings and moods. I will show you the glorious goal which I have set for you. When you have grasped the higher purpose of your earthly life, you will acquire a holy contempt for whatever opposes that purpose. This heavenly knowledge and eternal goal will bring unity and order into your life. You will then find it easier to guide your lower nature according to My Will.

At times you will have to use stubborn resistance and even violence against the unreasoning tendencies within you. Sometimes you need to disregard your likes and dislikes, and follow your better judgment. With My truth to guide you and My sacraments to strengthen you, you cannot fail in this daily combat for Heaven.


An obedient horse can help man in his daily tasks, but a stubborn mule can do more harm than good. So is it with man’s own nature. His reason and will, strengthened by grace, must guide his unreasoning appetites and desires to right action. A good life is one which follows God’s law. Only God’s Will can lead me to Heaven.


Lord Jesus, I hope to follow You each day of my life. With Your help, I hope to have strength to be firm against my blind tendencies and desires. You are my King and Leader.

Make me a loyal follower. I desire and hope to live the kind of life which You desire of me. Grant me Your grace. You have shown me how great it is and how necessary for salvation. Grant it to me so that I may overcome this weak nature of mine, which draws me on toward sin and eternal death. In my flesh, I feel the law of sin contradicting the law of my mind, and in many things making me a slave of my feelings. I can not resist these feelings unless You help me, by pouring into my heart the grace of ardent loyalty to You. I am in continual need of grace to overcome this nature which, from its youth, always tends to evil. I hope in Your help. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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