Thought of the Day:

Union with God through Prayer


My Child, when people march in a parade, they all keep the same step, the same rhythm, and the same pace. They try to form one single unit with the others. When, however, the parade is over, each person resumes his own way of walking. No two walk quite the same. Due to their bodily structure, figure, athletic development, and other reasons, each person has his own manner of walking. So too is it with prayer.

In public prayer all recite the same words, express the same sentiments, and assume the same tone and tempo to form a group-prayer. In their private prayers, no two pray quite the same. Each has his own personal touch in dealing with Me. For this reason different methods of prayer have been developed in the history of the Church.

Some people like to pray with the help of prayer books; some prefer to think about My words and apply them to their lives; some prefer to use their imagination, picturing Me near and conversing with them; some like to contemplate the events of My earthly life and imagine themselves as part of those events. There are people who like to pray for sinners, others who like to examine their lives frequently to see where they may please Me more; and others who simply like to kneel or sit in My presence and enjoy My nearness.

Prayer is the raising of your thoughts and your will to Me. In prayer you stand before Me with respect, with gratitude, with sorrow, and with desire. Prayer brings respect for My infinite power and goodness, gratitude for My numberless gifts, sorrow for your sins and for the sins of others, and desire for My mercy, for My assistance, and for My friendship.

Some people find it harder than others to attain this spiritual union with Me. Different persons use different means to reach Me. Some need to think a while, others need a certain posture of the body. Still others are dependent upon the place of their prayer. And so, again you see how each finds Me in his own way. However, the prayer itself is the same for all. It is a union with Me in thought and desire. Whatever one does to reach that stage, is only a preliminary to prayer.


By being a prayerful man, I will be letting God share in my life. He and I will be living and acting together. I will be supplying the good will and He will supply the strength. In prayer I unite my mind and will to God. Prayer is a friendly chat with Him. At times it is like a brief look at a friend, a look filled with understanding and love. Prayer is independent of time and place. I can raise my thoughts and desires to God at any time of the day or night, whether I be at play or at work, alone or in a crowd. I can say more to God by just raising my mind to Him than I could say to a human friend in an hour. He alone knows me perfectly, knows my slightest wish, feeling, and thought.

God loves me so much that He actually wants to hear me talk to Him. He is truly pleased with my attempts to converse with Him. His answer comes to me in the form of a holy thought, desire, or resolution. Others may tire of hearing me talk, but God loves me so much that He could listen to me forever. The more I chat with God, the better I come to know Him. The better I know Him the more I will love Him in my daily life.


O Holy Ghost, my God, You Who bring heavenly light to my soul many times each day, have watched me go along hour after hour showing so few signs of gratitude, love, sorrow for sin, and so little respect for You. To You I owe all that I am and have. I must pray. Without prayer I cut myself off from You. Without prayer I become less a man. Prayer makes me a better and greater man because it draws me to You and You to me. Through prayer You will teach me many things which I will not learn from books. By prayer I can draw down upon myself and others many blessings and heavenly help for our daily labors and difficulties. In spite of all my limitations, prayer is the one thing which I can always do and do well. All I need is to tell You whatever is on my mind. I need no introduction to You. I can talk to You as to an old friend, the only friend who understands me perfectly. Lord, help me to pray often this day, be it but a few passing words from time to time. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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