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Christ's Lessons


My Child, learn to listen to My voice, and you will make great progress in a short time. One who listens to Me learns much more rapidly than one who relies only on his natural talents. My lessons bring wisdom, peace, and spiritual strength.

My faithful pupils learn to value earthly things for what they are really worth. They understand how quickly worldly honors fade. They know how short-lived earthly prosperity is, and how perfect and undying are the joys of Heaven. They realize how puny and weak human love is when compared to the love of the infinite God.

My lessons are suited to each individual. Whether they use books, or prayer, or sacraments, or personal guidance of a spiritual director, I reach their soul through these different means, giving them light to understand and strength for action.

What I say to each person depends on his spiritual level. Some people never get beyond the most ordinary knowledge because they have made no efforts to rise any higher. To those who try to come closer to Me, I bring greater understanding of some particular truth. To those who make frequent efforts to give Me their best attention, I grant a wonderful interior vision, a deep insight into the beauty and grandeur of My holy Truth. foolish extremes.

Beware, however, of all These are never inspired by My grace. They arise from spiritual pride, spiritual gluttony, or some desire for self-satisfaction. Never forget this-: whatever interferes with your daily duties and obligations, is against My Will.


I must become a spiritual listener, turning my mind to God occasionally during the day. Whether I use books or my own efforts, Jesus will reach me and give me His thoughts. He will help me to know His desires and to see His Will Where any doubt or question arises, as to whether my inspiration is truly from God, I should consult a priest. Jesus longs to tell me many things about life's deeper meaning and Heaven's wonderful joys. I cannot hear His voice unless I learn to pause and listen for it.


Lord, make me eager to hear Your voice and to follow Your holy words in my daily life. My pride and foolish self-seeking make me so deaf to You that too often I hear only the voices of this world. One distraction after another fills my thoughts. Give me grace to hear Your loving voice within my soul. Grant me a great, unselfish generosity to give You more of my time and attention. You desire only my true and lasting welfare. Make me an active listener; that is, one who honestly tries to follow what You tell him. I shall avoid all self-deception and foolish extremes by consulting my confessor in all doubts or difficulties. Never will I follow my inspirations if they interfere with my daily obligations. Speak to me Lord; Your servant is listening. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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