Thought of the Day:

Temptation to Presumption


My Child, the devil tempts you to the sin of presumption in two ways. He does it either by suggesting that My mercy will easily spare you from the punishment due to your sins, or by convincing you that you are strong enough to face any temptation. He is the father of lies and the arch-deceiver. My mercy is above all My works, but it does not destroy My justice.

Though I suffered and died to obtain pardon for your sins, you must also do your part in the work of salvation. Have faith in Me; obey My Church; do penance for your sins; and avoid the near occasions of sin. Only if you do your part, will you receive My mercy. Once you are called by the Angel of death, the time for mercy will be over. Then you will meet only justice.

As for relying too much on your own strength, remember your complete dependence on Me for each breath, each heart-beat, each second of life. Whoever thinks himself independent and strong, is a fool. He who loves danger shall perish in it. If you presume too much on your strength, you will find yourself weaker than you ever expected.

When I give you interior light and heavenly strength, do not be too ready to make them known to others. Remember your unworthiness, and you will make better use of My gifts. You will use them gratefully, humbly and carefully.


Presumption is a fool's dream. Man is nothing if God abandons him. One who is convinced of his complete dependence on God, is safe from the sin of presumption and from many other sins. He works and does his best, trusting in God for the necessary strength. When he succeeds in anything, he gives thanks to God. If he fails, he offers God his intentions and his efforts. I should look to God in all things. By being truthful and honest with myself, I will avoid the sin of presumption. God will grant me light and strength to walk daily toward eternal life.


My God and my All, bestow on me the wisdom and honesty to admit my nothingness. Let me do this not merely with words, but especially by my daily actions. Let me not pretend to be bigger than I really am. I will never again try to do what is above my strength. As far as possible I hope to avoid all occasions of serious sin. Those who presume on their own strength and wisdom, are in danger of falling away from You. I desire only that I may daily do my best for Your sake. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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