Thought of the Day:

Fault Finding


My Child, learn the lesson which I taught over and over again by My life and words on earth. I alone am great. All earthly greatness is but an image of My uncreated greatness. Man is the work of My almighty hand. Of himself man is nothing. If, however, he follows My words in his earthly life, he will share My happiness and glory in Heaven.

How can you think so much of yourself, when you were made from nothing? Why do you think highly of yourself? You have so many faults and defects. Be humble and live as one who admits his limitations. Do not let your actions show pride and vanity. How can you find fault with others, you who are so full of faults yourself? Without My help, you would easily fall into the same mistakes which you criticize.

Unless it is your duty to correct others, think more of your own faults than of other people's faults. Work and fight against your own defects, and you will be too busy to be annoyed by your neighbor's defects.

What is the best knowledge? To know Me, to look for My holy Will, and to reflect often on how you may eliminate your faults and defects. Act on this knowledge and you will be walking on the road to eternal life.


No matter what talents I have, I must never forget that they belong to God. Moreover, in spite of my talents and virtues, I also have faults and defects. Once I am honestly convinced of my limitations and shortcomings, I will find it easier to think well of my neighbor. If my selflove blinds me to the truth about myself, it is not true self-love. It hurts me, and makes life a little harder for those around me.


My Jesus, give me such a love of truth that I will never be blinded by the self-love of pride and vanity. Let my self-love be the healthy selflove of Your saints. They wanted nothing but the best for themselves. They found the best in Your holy truth. They respected themselves for what they were, and they never pretended to be bigger than they really were. Their love for others came from their realization that all men are made to God's image and are loved by Him. Give me such a love for the truth that I will follow it at all times, regardless of my likes or dislikes, prejudices or preferences. Only an honest and unselfish daily life can prove that I really love You, my King and Saviour. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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