Thought of the Day:

Man's True God


My Child, often it is safer for a man not to have many consolations and pleasures in his earthly life. Try to grasp this truth, so that you may not become sad and depressed when you cannot have what you desire.

If you had all the satisfactions and enjoyments which this world can offer, how long would they last? The knowledge that they must certainly end, would only make death more bitter and disagreeable to you.

The fact is that your soul can find full and lasting joy only in My friendship and love. True happiness and lasting peace come from Me alone. Foolish lovers of this world think that they know the meaning of peace and happiness, but what they enjoy is imperfect and short-lived. Genuine peace and happiness is given only to My loyal followers, those who are unselfish in doing My Will and generous in imitating My example.


God desires that I should labor for my daily bread and enjoy the rightful pleasures of daily life. I must not, however, become so entangled in these things that I would sin for them. Each day is a step toward the true and perfect life of Heaven. I need to put complete trust and confidence in God's wisdom and love for me. This virtue will give me the freedom of true charity. I will come to see more clearly each day how to please God more in everything I do.


My Jesus, please do not let me think too much of my earthly needs. They can crowd my mind and make me too busy to think of You and Your holy words. Save me from the blind love of pleasure and from the enslaving worry about earthly security. Grant me the freedom of those who live for Heaven. Nothing on earth must hold me back from doing Your Will. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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