Thought of the Day:

Holy Obedience


My Child, all legitimate authority comes from Me. My Will is shown to you in every reasonable command of legitimate authority. In obeying those who have authority over you, you obey Me.

You cannot decide what you will like or dislike, since your feelings are not always under your control, You can, however, decide to follow what you know is right and good. Obedience to authority is an act of the highest reasoning. If I am the source of all legitimate authority, then you obey Me every time you obey your lawful superiors.

Meditate upon this truth. Strive to see Me in those who command you. In so doing, you will find it much easier to take orders. This kind of obedience frees your mind from all sense of inferiority. It also diminishes the human resentment which you may naturally feel. Self-deception and pride are best overcome in a life of holy obedience.

Seek to purify your self-offering to My Will by a more perfect obedience in your daily life. In obedience you sacrifice more than your possessions. You sacrifice yourself, your feelings, your time, and your free will. The more you strive to eliminate your natural reasons, the more pure will your self-sacrifice be. Obedience includes the sacrifice of everything else.

When you feel inclined to disobey superiors, remember that 1, your Saviour, lived a life of obedience to human superiors during My earthly life. How then can you, who are dust and ashes, refuse to follow My example?

Never give bad example by disobedience. Your obedience makes it easier for others to obey. Never seek particular privileges except when absolutely necessary. If you try to live without the restraints of obedience, you are simply raising yourself on a pedestal, which is pride or self-indulgence. No man can live without some measure of obedience in his life. Indeed, no one can be a good superior unless he himself knows how to obey. You can command safely and wisely only if you have learned to obey humbly and promptly.


God loves order because order is born of intelligence. Where order is lacking there can only be confusion and destruction. If I want to please God I must put order into my life. Not only am I to obey the direct commands of God, but also His indirect commands; that is, the orders which come to me through my lawful superiors. Only if they command what is sinful, must I refuse obedience. Obedience will always be a blow to my human pride, unless I make it an act of love for God. Jesus shows me how this is done. He became obedient to human superiors to make up for my sins of disobedience and also to give me an example of perfect obedience. Can I refuse to become more like Him? I do refuse every time I disobey those who have authority over me.


My Jesus, obedient Son of the heavenly Father, You obeyed His holy Will even to the point of dying for my sins. How can I ever forget this? Will I consider myself better than You by refusing to obey the commands of my lawful superiors? No matter how much I claim to love You, my claims are only words until I prove them by a life of unquestioning obedience to Your holy Will. You speak to me through Your Church and through all those who have a right to direct and command me. Let me see You in them. I want to obey You in them. Grant me the grace to hear Your voice when duty calls me to my daily occupations and activities. I want only one favor from You, the grace to offer myself to You daily by a life of obedience to my obligations. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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