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Words of Consolation


My Child, do not let yourself be crushed by the various activities which you have undertaken for My sake. No labor, no suffering, no penance or prayer should discourage or sadden you. What you do for My sake will help you far beyond your fondest dream.

Your earthly hardships and trials are rapidly passing away. The longest life on earth is short. Only eternity is unending. Bear your difficulties, troubles, and sufferings. with patience. I will relieve you as soon as it is good for you.

Whatever you endure on earth, is a very small price to pay for the Kingdom of Heaven. When you arrive in My heavenly kingdom, you will see how truly My Apostle Paul spoke when he said that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to come. Put yourself in My hands and strive to be as independent as You can of your human needs and of human consolations. Bring your joys and sorrows to Me. Make Me your best friend and your closest companion. As long as you go through your labors and hardships in My company, you will not find them too hard.


Life's daily hardships and difficulties are less a burden when I let Our Lord help me. I will therefore concentrate more on Him and less on my trials. He will teach me to remedy what should be remedied and to bear what I cannot control. He will show me how much He suffered for my sake. He will remind me of the shortness of earthly life and the grandeur of Heaven. He will encourage me and cheer me up in my sadness and discouragement. Unless I remember to walk with Christ in my daily activities, I shall gradually walk away from Him.


My Jesus, it is good for me to suffer some trial from time to time. At such times I find myself realizing how weak I am and how little I can depend on the people and things on which I relied. In such trials teach me to lean on You, to look to Your holy plan for me, and to consider the brevity of all earthly satisfactions. You deserve my loyalty because of what You have already done for me. You deserve much more than I can offer because of what You have prepared for me in Heaven. Let me often consider that the night is quickly forgotten when morning comes. With eyes on You, my risen King of glory, let me go through the darkness of earth as one who looks beyond it.

See you tomorrow with another thought!

Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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