Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

The Divine Teacher


My Child, My grace is richer, deeper, grander, and more glorious than any other possession or achievement on earth. It shows you what is better and more profitable for your eternal success. It strengthens you against all earthly attractions and makes you the true master of your own life.

My grace brings you a yearning for Heaven and freedom from many earthly fears. All graces are gifts from Me. Actual grace enlightens your mind to see some truth more clearly and appreciate it more deeply; then it gives your will an inclination toward the good which you see; and finally it offers you strength to follow that good, if you so desire. Every actual grace contains these three elements.

I speak to different persons in different ways, according to their background, abilities, and efforts. I do not always use words when I speak within your soul. Often My message is received and understood in an instant. In your reading, reflecting, and prayer, I often speak to you. I help you to understand more clearly what you read in books or hear in sermons. The grandest sermon would be just so many words if I did not bless it with My grace. It is I who enable the listeners to understand it, desire it, and live it.

My grace cannot help you unless you accept it and make use of it. Read, reflect, and pray, so that you may better understand what I want you to know. Make frequent use of My sacraments to gain strength for life's daily activities. Through My Church and your own interior life I will guide you each day toward eternal life.


Jesus is ready to help me at every step. He wants me to become more and more like Him in my daily activities. His Church, His sacraments, and His grace are always ready to assist me. With the help of these, I am to do my part each day. I must see what virtues I need most, consider how Jesus would practice these virtues in my place, and then make a determined effort to imitate Him. He expects a continued effort in spite of repeated failures and constant difficulties.


O Jesus, My King and Teacher, grant me the wisdom to listen to Your voice and to follow Your holy example. You said that we must strive to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. You also told us that whoever sees You, sees the heavenly Father also. There is no greater achievement on earth than to imitate Your divine goodness in my daily life. Lord, I have many faults and numberless weaknesses. Yet, at Your command I shall try to become daily a little more like You. This is what You desire of me. Grant me the strength to begin at last. Let me make an honest effort throughout the day. I promise that I will refuse to be discouraged by my failures. I am determined to begin over again no matter how often I may fall down in my resolutions. You deserve such loyalty and unselfish devotion. Help me, my Jesus. Amen.

See you tomorrow with another thought! Word of Mouth...