Yesterday - Thought for the Day:



My Child, be patient with the defects and weaknesses of others. They have to put up with your defects. If you fail so often in making yourself what you desire to be, how can you expect to change others in a short time? You want to see others correct their faults, yet you are not fighting half enough against your own.

You are strict in correcting others, but you are not as strict in the correction of yourself. The lazy and easy-going ways of others irritate you, still, you resent it if anyone tries to interfere with your own self-indulgence. You want others to keep the rules, but you are aroused to anger against anyone who mentions the rules to you.

How seldom you judge your neighbor with the same love and understanding with which you judge yourself. You are often disturbed by others because their faults and defects interfere with the routine of your life. You think that you are being zealous for what is right, but if you look honestly into your heart, you will often see self-love at the bottom of your impatience and anger.


At times I delude myself into thinking that I am virtuous in matters where I am actually displeasing God! One sure proof that I love God is a patient love of others. The more I try to help others and to be patient with their faults, defects, and shortcomings, the more will I prove myself unselfish and generous with God. God wants me to consider Him as my neighbor. Jesus said that I do to Him what I do to others. Does my daily treatment of others show love of God or love of self? just as I tend to favor myself in most matters, so too should I learn to favor my neighbor for God's sake. I find it easy to excuse myself. Let me try to excuse the mistakes of others.


My Jesus, I can never be wrong when I love my neighbor and try to think well of him in spite of his faults. True, at times I may have to be stern for his good. Yet, even then, let me act with love in my heart. Your follower must have no hatred or impatience, but only a sincere desire for the welfare of others. Let me never again displease You by any deliberate intolerance or harshness toward those around me. Make me one tenth as patient with their mistakes as You are with mine, and I will never again hurt anyone with my impatience. Remind me often of my own faults, limitations, and defects, so that I may include myself when I pray for sinners. I hope to prove my gratitude and love for You by my patience with others. Amen.

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