Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

Effects of Frequent Communion


My Child, I offer many special graces to those who receive Me often and devoutly in Holy Communion. Those who take advantage of these graces make rapid strides toward Christian perfection. I draw them closer to Myself throughout the day.

I make their minds more alert to occasions of sin, more awake to opportunities for virtue, and more aware of My nearness throughout the day.

I teach them to think more often of Me, and less often of themselves. They gradually learn to judge matters My way rather than to follow their own natural preferences and prejudices.

Though many at first seek their own advantage in pleasing Me, as they progress, they forget their own advantage and think only of pleasing Me.

They eventually find so much joy in My company that they are content to be without human company as often as their daily obligations will permit. Their greatest consolation and happiness is to have My friendship and to offer Me whatever they do throughout the day.

Their prayer becomes more perfect because it loses much of the natural strain and effort which came from earthly distractions and worldly interests.


Frequent communion, well prepared for and well made, brings me my most perfect union with Jesus in this earthly life. During these precious moments He works wonders within my soul. I must go forth determined to make full use of Christ's graces throughout the day. He will teach me how to go about my daily occupations without losing interior contact with Him. Then shall I reach the wonderful heights of holiness which Jesus has prepared for His truly loyal followers.


My sacramental King, holy Lamb of God, unworthy though I am of Your attention and love, I cannot turn away from this heavenly privilege of Holy Communion. It is Your wish that I enjoy it. In it you bestow on me the highest dignity possible to man or angel. As I kneel there, joined to You, I wield my greatest power and exert my greatest influence before the throne of God. Though this sacramental union lasts only a matter of minutes, grant that its influence may be with me throughout the entire day. Let my mind think as Yours, and let my will choose as You chose in Your own earthly life. I desire to live my daily life as though I were sacramentally joined with You all day. Grant that I may place no obstacles to the wonderful graces which You offer to me in Holy Communion. I shall do my best to avoid all unnecessary distractions, I shall try to fulfill my daily tasks as well as I am honestly able. Finally I desire to please You more by doing whatever extra good I can do today. Amen.

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