Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

Foolish Pride


My Child, whatever good things you possess, do not think too highly of yourself. Let Me be your greatest treasure, and let everything else take second place.

Whether you be rich, or powerful, or popular, or attractive, remember the plain truth about yourself, and you will not become a victim of foolish pride.

Whatever good is in you, it belongs to Me. The things of which men so often boast, are Mine. They consider themselves better than their neighbor because of some talent, ability, or circumstance which I placed at their disposal. I could just as easily have given these things to those who are at present less gifted.

Do as much good as you can in your daily life, but beware of becoming proud of your deeds. Without Me you can do nothing. If you consider yourself better than others, you are certainly a fool. I can make anybody and everybody else your superior if I so choose.


If God has numbered the very hairs of my head, how can I think highly of myself? I am completely dependent on Him for my next breath. This knowledge should make me fear all pride and self-satisfaction. I can never be impressed deeply enough by the fact of my nothingness. Of myself and without God's gifts, I am nothing. This fact is the basis of all true humility. Can I ever consider myself better than any human on earth? How do I feel when others look down on me? So too, do others feel when I show a Sense of superiority. Even if I do not show it, God sees my pride and hates it, because pride is based on a false self-esteem.


My God, lover of Truth, only You are great by Your very nature! All other greatness, virtue, and goodness are Your gifts to us. Have mercy on this proud heart of mine. Please impress me with the truth of my nothingness. Then will 1, at last, become kind, considerate, and charitable to those around me. Grant me Your grace, dear Lord, and I will never again, in thought or action, raise myself above anyone else. In gratitude for Your many gifts, I will try to spread Your goodness by being good to others. Kill the pride within me, even if you have to humble me before others. Only spare me the terrible humiliation of having the whole world see my ugly pride at the Last judgment. Amen.

See you tomorrow with another thought! Word of Mouth...