Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

Interior Honesty


My Child, when I give you heavenly light and strength do not become proud and self-satisfied. Remember how weak and miserable you are when you are without these gifts., One who is over-confident when matters are going well, often goes to the other extreme of discouragement, sadness, or fear when temptations and difficulties come.

Be convinced of your complete dependence on Me. Without Me you are nothing. A deep appreciation of this truth will help you to control your thoughts and desires. It will keep you strong in time of temptation, so that you will not fall so easily into sin.

Fight like a good soldier. If you should fall through weakness, pray for greater help and rise with more determination than before. Beware of self-satisfaction and pride. These two evils lead men into error and sometimes make them incurably blind to their faults and failures. Learn your lesson from the downfall of those who foolishly trusted to their own ability. Let it be a warning to keep you always humble.


God has a definite plan for me, a plan which is mainly concerned with my eternal salvation. At times He gives me an interior joy, peace, and eagerness to do more good. At other times He takes away these interior gifts, and I feel dejected, dull, perhaps even sad and discouraged. A level-headed person tries to live a balanced life, without giving in to his moods and feelings. When God sends him spiritual light and joy, he tries to enjoy these gifts with self-control, remembering that shortly he will experience spiritual trials which will take away this present enjoyment. So too, in time of trial, he reminds himself of the joy which he had previously and will have again in due time. Such a person avoids extreme changeableness and the undependability of those who act on their feelings and moods. He is reliable both with God and with his fellow-men, because he seeks to keep control of himself, whether he feels himself raised up in joy or submerged in spiritual darkness and sadness.


My God and Creator, the truth is that I am completely dependent on You for all things. Without You I am nothing and can do nothing. If I admit this dependence on You by my daily life, I shall become truly great. Make me honest enough to live according to this truth. I hope to strive harder to please You in my daily occupations and activities. I will refuse to become proud when I enjoy Your gifts, nor will I become discouraged when You take Your gifts away from me. You have reasons for the way You treat me. I hope to keep my mind on Your boundless wisdom and love, whatever happens today. Whether I enjoy peace or suffer trials, I want my loyalty to Your holy Will to remain unchanged and unwavering. Amen.

See you tomorrow with another thought! Word of Mouth...