Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

The Pure Desire for Heaven


My Child, I made all men for the perfect happiness of Heaven. He who strives for Heaven, pleases Me because he is fulfilling the purpose of My creation. True, people want Heaven for different reasons. Still, no matter what the reason, if one shows any degree of love for Me, he shall enter into eternal life.

The love which I require is not a feeling, nor a sentiment. It is a love of appreciation, an intelligent act of the will, based on the first truth. This first truth is that I am God, the beginning and end of all creatures. All men are obliged to live their daily lives according to this truth. They do it by surrendering their self-will to My supreme and all-wise Will. In this selfsurrender they show the love which I demand of all intelligent creatures. There are numberless degrees of perfection in this love of appreciation, but they may be conveniently divided into three degrees.

Some love Me only as much as they are obliged. They desire to avoid hell, since they dread all harm and inconvenience to themselves. They surrender their self-will to Me only enough to avoid serious sin. They disregard venial sins because they want to please themselves as far as possible, without losing Heaven. Though these people are blindly and foolishly selfish, they are, nevertheless, offering Me the love which I require of them. If they die in the state of grace, they will eventually enter into Heaven, after they have been completely purified of self-love in Purgatory.

Others rise to a higher degree of love for Me. They desire to be more generous with Me. They seek to surrender themselves to My Will not only in serious matters, but also in lesser things. They make an honest effort to eliminate all venial sins from their daily life. As they embrace My Will more fully, they die to self more completely. Much of their Purgatory is fulfilled in their earthly life. They shall receive a higher heavenly glory than the first group.

There remains the highest degree of love for Me. Those in this class are not content with opposing all sins, big and small. Their appreciation of Me rises higher still. They desire to offer themselves entirely to Me by imitating Me in their daily life. Even where there is no question of sin, they strive to abandon their natural preferences and to follow My example of self-sacrifice. They have seen My goodness and have preferred it to all created things.

These generous souls are known as the "pure of heart." They seek to live only for the highest reason My eternal plan. I made man that he might become God-like on earth, fulfilling My wisdom, growing in My goodness, and finally sharing My heavenly glory. The pure of heart have only one desire-to please Me as much as they can in all things.

After a period of devoted and selfless love for Me, they feel a growing desire to be with Me in the perfect friendship of Heaven. They want Heaven with a pure desire, a desire which looks entirely to Me. They are not content with the incomplete friendship which they enjoy with Me on earth. This interior yearning to be with Me completely and perfectly, is My crowning gift to their souls. They shall receive the highest and most wonderful share of Heaven's glory.


Even holiness has its degrees, and further degrees within those degrees. People's generosity with God varies with each individual. How far am I God's own and how far am I holding on to my natural self-interest? Is there still a bit of self in my heavenly desires? God offers me the very heights of holiness. How far am I willing to go with Him? These are very important questions. Yes, when I feel eternity's door opening to me, I shall consider these the most important of all questions. I can find the answers in my daily life and in my own intentions for the future.


My God and my All! That should be the motto of my earthly life. You really are my God and my All! Shall I refuse to make You my All in this life of mine? The greatest thing I can do for myself is to forget self and follow Your holy Will in all that happens to me throughout the day. Even in my yearning for Heaven I ought to let Your Will for me reign supreme. I desire at last to make this earthly life of mine what You have always intended it to be-a daily walking toward eternal life. Amen.

See you tomorrow with another thought! Word of Mouth...