Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

God's Wisdom in Daily Life


My Child, let Me teach you some of My heavenly wisdom. This gift is more precious than all the gold and wealth on earth. My wisdom is far above that of men.

The main reason why men judge so wrongly is that they think too much of this earthly life and not enough of the eternity which awaits them. They defend their earthly judgments with all kinds of worldly reasoning, and therefore they often fall into errors and sins.

I do not want you to be deceived by wrong human reasoning. As long as men disagree with My judgments, they are wrong. You may understand the human reasoning better than you understand My judgments, but this merely proves how far My wisdom is above all created intelligence. I gave to man the limited intelligence with which he judges. You insult My infinite intelligence if you prefer the reasoning of men to My word. I see what they see and infinitely more than they see.

Worldly men are foolish, not because they value the good things of this world, but because they value these things too much. They are too ready to offend Me for some earthly gain or advantage. They fail to consider the full truth about themselves, and therefore they get false notions about their own greatness. They fail to see that all true greatness is a gift of Mine.

They seek praise and admiration for some passing earthly achievement or talent, when they should be seeking the all-satisfying praise and admiration which I will grant to those who gain Heaven.

Your true greatness lies in reflecting My goodness and wisdom in your daily life. You do this by following My wisdom in all things. What men praise in you is worthy of praise only if it pleases Me. Not everything that seems good is truly good. What men call right is not always right. You will never be confused by worldly wisdom as long as you keep your eyes on My work. Look to My Church and you shall possess My truth.


This modem age is so filled with conflicting beliefs and philosophies. It is truly confusing. Yet, I can avoid all confusion if only I will let God guide me through His Church. I shall possess God's peace if I refuse to let people confuse me, with their ideas and theories. God made all the good things on earth, yet He warns me against loving them too much. These things are good for me only if they help me to please God and follow His Will. Otherwise I must look on them as harmful for me.


Eternal fountain of all wisdom, my God, I realize now how hard it is to think straight among worldly people. Their false reasoning sounds so logical at times. Yet, how can they be right if You disagree with them? I want to live a life of happiness, but not the false and passing happiness of earth. If I must make a choice between earth and Heaven, then I want to choose the best things first. I will make good use of the things I possess on earth. Never shall I love them so much as to offend You. I will try to think more and more Your way in my daily life. I will learn Your religion better and better. Your word shall be my sure guide to Heaven. I rely upon Your holy grace to give me the heavenly strength which I shall need. Amen.

See you tomorrow with another thought! Word of Mouth...